Tentacle Luuuv Table of Contents

The picture is by Benny Mazur.  His site is at https://www.flickr.com/photos/benimoto/
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Rugar loves Lomilyth. Lomilyth loves Edwarde. And Edwarde, of course, loves Rugar. Just to make things more interesting, Rugar is a half-orc, Lomilyth is a psychotic girly-elf, and Edwarde is an undead wizard. A story set in the universe of the web comic "Mind Flayed".
This is a short story based on the web comic "Mind Flayed" which was created by Ozark. Alas the comic is no more, but you can find her work at sacculetta.tumblr.com

Since Mind Flayed is partially based on the game Dungeons and Dragons, this short story is also based on that game. DnD is copyright (c) Wizards of the Coast; as are, presumably, Mind Flayers the race.

This story assumes that you are familiar with the Mind Flayed comic. If you are not, it would be an excellent idear to take a look before reading this story, as you will be completely lost without it.

With this in mind (har-har-har), the story could conceivably take place just before the current adventure that the MF band is engaged in, or just after. It could pretty much take place any time after the group first gets together.

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