Wednesday, November 22, 2017

It Looks Like "A Dark Voyage"

This is about how a group of people sacrifice everything (including their humanity - they become cyborgs) to try and stop the asteroids in an asteroid field from hitting the Earth.  So far, so good.  The problem is that it wont hit for 500 years, and it will take several centuries to reach the asteroid field.  During the voyage, they lose focus and become increasingly despondent.  The story is about how they find new purpose and complete the mission.

This is supposed to be a serious story, but we'll see.

The next one after that is "Quark 2: a Cat and his Boy" which I plan on making incredibly silly :-)

Sunday, November 19, 2017

The Next Story

I am thinking about what to write next.

Here's what I have left over from last time (with one addition):

  • Quark's Human II: A Cat and his Boy - The further adventures of the cat, Quark, and his pet human, Charles. Can Quark be in two places at once? Find out in this story!
  • A Dark Voyage: A group of cyborgs set out to stop an asteroid from hitting the Earth and ruining everyone's day.  The only problem is that the asteroid isn't due for 500 years. What to do in the meantime?
  • The Force: A story set in the Star Wars universe about how the Force encounters a "technological virus," capable of fusing living organisms with hardware. Don't worry, the Force will do the right thing, right?
  • Collect all my short stories into one volume and put it on Amazon.  As part of the process, I would edit the stories that went into the volume.

Unless someone has a preference, I'll just choose one

Saturday, November 18, 2017

New Story Up

I just posted a new story called Angel.  It is a horror story that takes a different tack from the "Joe gets a book and summons a daemon" style of story.  This is a "Joe gets a book and summons an ANGEL" style of story. :-)